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    I would give it five stars if I could read all of it but the print is tiny to me. Changing the resolution didn't help either. Other than that, it is awesome.
  1. Instead of a sign that says: "Do Not Disturb" I need one that says : "Already Disturbed. Proceed with Caution". 

  2. Anytime.
  3. Games don't make you violent. Lag does. Save our kids. Get faster internet. >.<

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    2. Wyatt Parker

      Wyatt Parker

      Nooo! MY SPEED! *takes it and runs*


    3. MorganNae


      Stop! Thief! *grabs a green crayon and quickly draws a hole in the ground two steps away and directly in front of him hoping his momentum is too fast for him to stop* 

    4. MorganNae

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