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    This is the OFFICIAL LSPD Street map mod used for Law Enforcement here at SU Gaming (pictures coming soon)
  3. is this still alive?
  4. its been a long time
  5. Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED SU Gaming Network. For those of you who do not know us, you're about to, for those of you who do, welcome back! Things are changing in the SU Gaming Roleplay, and they are for the better. We've been hard at work adding, removing, replacing, and breaking features in SU Gaming Roleplay for nearly a week now and things are coming together nicely. I'd like to first thank Morgan, and Kaliyah for hours of bug testing on the server as well as providing ideas for new features and trashing old ones that were not popular in the past. I'd also like to thank Shayne, aka "Fat Albert" for testing as well as getting things started in our TeamSpeak and setting up channels and permissions (still a work in progress). This site is still under construction but registration is open, and yes, you can register with your steam account if you choose to do so. More news will be posted here as well as videos, images, and more from now on so be sure to follow us here. For now, if you'd like to play with others and get the old gang back together, we've set up a Gang Wars TDM server as well as a Cops And Robbers server. IPs are listed on Facebook as well as here on the site. Have fun!
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SU Gaming Network is an online gaming community, a place to meet fellow gamers, share content, and more. Mostly based in SA-MP, we have plans to expand to other games as well. 


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